Roxi Copland

Roxi is both one of my favourite people, and a treasured client. We work well together, and have developed a mutual trust that ensures we're both happy when the project heads to press. She's a gifted jazz singer-songwriter-pianist I strongly recommend you see live if given the chance. I'd worked on her albums for 4 years before hearing her live the first time, and sat there stunned through her whole set. Her albums are wonderful, but hearing her live in a small venue is something I'll never forget. Below are some of the promotional images we shot in the last few years, along with some sample pages from the booklets included with each album.

"Jason’s been my Creative Director for the last five years now. Once I saw his dedication to his craft and the quality of his work, I really couldn’t bear the thought of anyone else working on my projects. I consistently receive compliments on the work he’s done for me: album packaging, tour posters, promotional pics, and website design.
As an independent musical artist in a business dominated by major labels, it’s crucial that the photography and artwork accompanying my albums be completely outstanding. Jason makes that happen, and my business is better for it."
- Roxi Copland
CD album cover
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