Haejin Lee

I happened upon Haejin's work in a little shop in Deep Cove. I found her online and ended up visiting her studio, as I'd just taken a pottery course. Walking into her studio, my jaw dropped – much more than the simple cups and saucers she had on display in Deep Cove, her studio was filled with breathtaking sculptures. My timing was perfect, as she needed a photographer for an upcoming show. The resulting shoot was one I'll never forget – for one fantastic weekend, my studio looked like a famous art gallery, with a Haejin Lee sculpture adorning every flat surface in the room.

A collection of these hauntingly beautiful sculptures filled my studio for the shoot – a welcome bit of company for what's often a solitary experience.
As Haejin used clay to sculpt her work, I sculpted light around each of her works while trying to convey the exquisite detail she'd achieved.
Like something out of a Salvador Dali painting, you just can't get tired of looking at these pieces.
Part of me kept expecting this one to wiggle a little when I wasn't looking.
I loved this piece so much, I bought it from Haejin after the shoot. I love the elements of wind and water, and this piece conveys both so beautifully.
A detail shot from one of her ribbon vases. 
Even if you haven't taken a pottery course, you likely know that given how pliable clay is when it's soft enough to work, this just shouldn't be possible. I'm simply left shaking my head and asking, "How?" which just adds to the magic of her work.
After delivering the final photos to Haejin, she dropped off these gorgeous items as a thank you gift. I felt pretty blessed that day.
One of my favourite pieces Haejin has made. Just breathtaking to see in person.
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