Native Education College

I've enjoyed working with clients in both the First Nations and education sectors for many years, which led to this project with Native Education College. This profoundly rewarding job entailed all the writing, photography, and design of the 24-page yearbook from cover to cover.

The NEC Yearbook
I developed a strong rapport with the students and staff at NEC, enabling me to capture an extensive catalogue of images which continue to form the visual backbone of NEC's marketing collateral.
Native Education College - interior - visually intrusive elements removed (see below for image before centre chain and other distracting elements removed)
After colour correcting the image, I felt the chain in the middle, and some of the darker stains on the wood and ceiling fan were a bit distracting. Removing a large element like the chain requires a lot of time and experience to do properly. The image above this one was the final product used in the catalogue.
A memorable day at the Eagle's Nest – an Aboriginal childcare centre in Vancouver
An early morning shot of the NEC Longhouse
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